noun : one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible

If you call yourself a foodie, or you know one, you’ve probably heard of the locavore movement. Rather than moving food across continents to market, locavores prefer local networks to provide product to consumers. The result is often higher levels of customer satisfaction, a sustainable local economy, and a stronger community identity.

Kingston Creative believes in a locavore economy, not just for food, but for all services and products.

We've spent most of our careers working for giant overlord corporations, but now, our mission is to use that expertise to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations achieve their goals.

To us, marketing isn't an overhead expense or a gamble, but a wonderful way of finding new customers, raising more money, recruiting more advocates and getting your message out to the right people.

We pursue our mission by


Listening to and understanding our clients’ goals

Creating work that retains its value

Exploring new technologies and methods to find an edge

Leveraging social and search data to make recommendations

Offering solutions to common business problems

Providing opportunities to local creatives

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