What is Kingston Creative?

Kingston Creative was founded in 2015 by two local people who combined decades of experience across content creation, design, marketing, public relations and website design.

The company has evolved over time, but the focus has remained on harnessing the skills of communication, design and storytelling to make a difference for clients near and far and on community issues.

What kinds of work do we like to do?

We’re curious about the people and places around us, and when we work with clients, we want to understand what makes them tick or why their project is important, and then creatively tell that story to the world. We do our most effective work when we’re free to do that, and it often takes the form of branding, content marketing, SEO/SEM, and website design and development.

Where are most of our clients?

Most of our clients are based in Kingston, like us, or in the surrounding Hudson Valley. But we have done projects elsewhere, with projects like CallRail, NYC Music Services, or the Jewel Spiegel Gallery.