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Pokémon Go came out on July 6, and everyone in North America lost their minds a little (us included). It’s the perfect mix of childhood nostalgia, urban exploration, progression, friendly competition, exercise, and culturally-approved nerdiness to help people escape all of the horrible things going on in the world for a few minutes.

Pokémon Go now has more daily users than Twitter, and those users are spending 50% more time in the app per day than they do on Facebook. Instead of swiping through a news feed or watching Netflix, they’re walking to new places and talking to new people.

Small businesses are setting lures to get more foot traffic. Police are having positive interactions with youths late at night. Money is getting raised for charity. Historic and cultural sites are seeing an influx of visits and interest.

To celebrate this new cultural phenomenon, we worked with local designer Brittney Scott to create the ultimate Pokémon Go resource for Kingston, NY. Make sure you support local businesses while you play!

3 thoughts on “INFOGRAPHIC: Kingston, NY Pokémon GO Map

  1. Alban

    Nice work! I suggest updating the infographic with Pokemon biome information, or better yet, a list of commonly sighted Pokemon in each area, including any rare or ultra rare Pokemon that have been seen.

    1. PJ

      It would be great to add to the map pokemon spawning spots and habitats, perhaps allowing us locals to add known areas to help out, …. and maybe expanding that as a separate map to the rest of the county. It would be very helpful in finding those elusive ones such as snorlax.

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