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One of the most important investments that you will ever make in your business is your website. When you skimp on your website and leave things up to chance, you’re leaving tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of future revenue on the table. Your website is the flagship of your digital presence; not only in terms of directly attracting customers who are searching for your services, but also for setting a tone of professionalism and expertise for your potential employees and partners.

When we hire us to build your WordPress website, you are hiring experts who will deliver the maximum value for your investment at every stage of the project. From designs that have style and pizzazz, to content that ranks on Google and speaks directly to your customer, to sites that load quickly and look good on all devices, to a WordPress installation that is easy for you and your team to update in the future, and a team that will always answer your future questions, Kingston Creative is the partner for you.

What does a Wordpress Website Package include?


Website Strategy

We will take stock of your existing brand and website, and discuss how existing positioning and assets could be maintained, improved or replaced. Together, we’ll figure out goals for a new website and what actions we want visitors to take.

Brand Inventory

We will assess your current logo, colors, fonts, and any available photography or visual assets for use on the new website.

Search Engine Optimization Planning

What do potential customers see when they search for the thing that you do? What existing Google Analytics or other data do you have? We will assess the opportunities and come up with a keyword and content strategy to make your website competitive.

Website Functionality Assessment

A website can be far more than a visual brochure with a contact form. We can tailor your website to have easy-to-use functionality that your team can use on a daily basis; no experience or expensive updates required.

Domain Name and Hosting

Do you already have a domain name and hosting, or do you need to purchase them? We will guide you in making sure your domain name is secured and you have reliable and affordable web hosting.

Information Architecture & Sitemap

Information Architecture

If you have an existing website, we will take an inventory of every page and section and assess its effectiveness and purpose.


Every page on your new website must have a purpose and a place to live. The sitemap is a visual representation of your site’s organizational structure. For a basic WordPress Website Package, we will include up to eight pages on your sitemap.

Wireframe & Design


With your sitemap and brand assets in hand, we will create a wireframe, which is a rough draft of what the design will look like. It will show where the most important visual elements, information and menu items will live on the site, with placeholders for things like photos and content.


After receiving input about your site’s wireframe, we can get to the fun stuff: creating a 1:1, visual preview of the most important pages of your website. This will guide the development of the actual website.

Content Gathering & Creation

We will gather any existing content and work with you to fill in the gaps, making sure that everything is written in a way that is both user-friendly and indexable by search engines like Google.

Custom WordPress Website Development

Website Build

All of the work that has been done to this point leads up to the actual development of the website. Thanks to the thorough preparation that leads to this part, there are few questions left to be answered; we already know how the site needs to function, what it will look like, and what content will be on it.

Custom Backend Functionality

We will also make sure that the backend of the website has custom functionality built in that will allow your team to add content over time: alerts, blog posts, new photos, portfolio pieces, new team members, or whatever else you anticipate you will need to do.

Final Preview

We will show you the site on a private staging site to go over any last changes or tweaks. You will have the ability to log into the site yourself and test out the custom functionality and even make updates yourself.

Training and Tutorial

Over Zoom, we will walk you and any team members on how to use the functionality of the site to make updates and answer any questions you may have.

Quality Assurance & Bug Checking

On the private staging site, we’ll check out the site on a variety of the most common devices, browsers and screen sizes, making sure that all functionality and content is viewable and usable.


Website Launch

When the site is ready for launch, we’ll log into your domain name account and direct it to your new website. Within a couple of hours, your site will be live.

Google Crawl

As soon as your website is up and running, we’ll direct Google and Bing to re-crawl your site so that it can start showing up in search results.


Google Tool Setup

We will install Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, and make you the primary owner of all accounts. This will allow you to monitor the traffic to your site and see how it grows over time. If there are custom conversions to track, like sales, email signups or form submissions, we’ll make sure that it’s all properly functioning.


If you ever have a question or make a mistake while updating your site, have no fear: we’re easy to reach and happy to help.

Pricing & Timeline


starting at

6-8 Weeks


starting at


What clients are saying

Alex and Fox then put together a draft of the site that demonstrated their ability to translate ideas into a tangible. They are a pleasure to work with, creative, met deadlines, responsive, bright, thoughtful … and all the things you would hope for in a design agency.

Tessa Romita

Hudson Valley Hounds
Stone Ridge

Special thanks to Kingston Creative for the zillions of hours of collaboration, hard work, and TLC that went into the redesign!

Mike Todd

Hike the Hudson Valley

They are consummate professionals, not only good with all technicals aspects but also creative (hence the name) and forward looking ideas. No job seems too difficult for them.

Brian Parillo

The Lodge

This team has so much to offer. They have great ideas and suggestions about how to get your business out there! and keep it there! Easy to work with, friendly, communicative and creative.

Maggie Myer

Whistlewood Farm Bed & Breakfast

WordPress Website Design & Development

Preparation (Week 1)

You, hired us, what’s next? We’re going to take stock of your existing brand, website assets, and discuss the key strategic priorities of your new site: conversions, actions, and target audiences. We’ll also make sure you have a secured domain name and reliable web hosting, and plan ahead for search engine optimization.

Information Architecture (Week 2)

Next, we’ll look at your existing web content on a structural level. What content exists, and how is it currently organized? After that, we’ll create a new proposed sitemap, which will seek to organize your content and create an intuitive flow of information for the future users and customers of your website.

Wireframe & Design (Week 3-4)

Armed with your sitemap and brand assets, we’ll create a wireframe, which is a preliminary glimpse into your website’s layout. It highlights points of emphasis for your future website while using placeholders for content and images. With your feedback on the wireframe, we’ll then proceed with creating 1:1 visual previews of the most critical parts of your website, like your homepage, services or offerings pages, and more, which will serve as the blueprint for website development. At this time, we’ll also be working closely with you to gather and create content that will go on the website, ensuring that it is user-friendly and optimized for search engines.

Development (Weeks 5-6)

Upon approval of the design, we will develop the website using WordPress within a private hosting environment. As content is developed and approved, it will be flowed into the site. The site will include custom backend functionality to enable you and your team to make anticipated updates in the future. We’ll conduct thorough testing of your site to ensure compatibility with the most commonly used browsers, devices and screen sizes. Your team will receive training sessions via Zoom as needed to familiarize you with site functionality, and you’ll be able to practice on a private demo site up until launch.

Launch (Week 7)

It’s finally here! After all the preparation and hard work, it’s time to launch your site. We’ll put your site live and make sure that all of the functionality is working as intended, while submitting the site to Google and Bing so that it can be quickly indexed and found.

Analyze & Optimize (Week 8)

We’ll continue monitoring the site to make sure that it’s working as intended and that functionality like forms, conversion tracking, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Webmaster tools and more are all working in harmony. If you have questions about anything, we’re easy to reach and happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

From start to finish, it takes about 6-8 weeks to complete a website project.

How much does it cost?

An 8 page website project costs $6,500. If you need special features, additional functionality like e-commerce or members-only section, we can make a proposal to specifically meet your needs.

What if I don’t have a website already?

That’s fine! We will help you in getting all of the technical details in order to launch your first website!

How does search engine optimization work?

Google rewards technically sound websites that load quickly, are properly keyworded and answer questions that customers are asking.

Why do you use Wordpress?

WordPress is the #1 content management system for a reason: it’s fast, flexible and can grow with your business over time. Google likes WordPress more than other kinds of sites.

How much does hosting cost?

We set all of our clients up with WPEngine, a best-in-class hosting provider that offers 24/7 support and daily backups. Monthly costs start at $12/m.

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