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Hike the Hudson Valley is a website that was created in 2010 by a local hiker. He found that when he wanted to go hiking in the Hudson Valley’s many trails and parks, it was hard to piece together the information that he needed to get started; where to park, pictures of what to expect, maps, seasonal updates, and updates from commenters about things to look out for. After hitting the limit of what he could do on his DIY website, we worked to create a new WordPress website with massive quality of life improvements like a Hike Finder to help users find hikes based on a number of criteria, a map, and massively improved monetization capabilities.

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Kickstarter Campaign

In 2017, we collaborated with Mike to produce a successful Kickstarter campaign where we designed t-shirts and hoodies for the site’s fans.

What our client had to say

Special thanks to Kingston Creative for the zillions of hours of collaboration, hard work, and TLC that went into the redesign!

Mike Todd

Hike the Hudson Valley

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