What is a brand identity?

Branding is a fundamental building block for businesses, organizations and campaigns of any size, in any field. If your brand is strong, then you can make an impact on more people, be seen as a leader in your field, and have your customers or supporters become loyal advocates for you. It makes your time and effort translate into more success, and opens doors for you.

Our job is to explore your brand, distill it into its critical elements, and shape it so you’re positioned to do well. We will enable you to look polished and consistent everywhere: your logo, place of business, signage, product packaging, menus, website, print ads and more.

What are some examples of our work?

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Why do we offer branding and graphic design?

By listening to our clients and understanding what will resonate with their target audience, we can create a visual identity that will translate across a logo, signage, business cards, a Facebook banner image, and even the interior design of your space.

What are the common dynamics of a Hudson Valley branding project?

We’re physically based in Kingston, NY, but we can work with clients anywhere. People in the Hudson Valley seem to value nature quite a bit, and there’s also an element of pluckiness that we’re just as important and can do anything as well as people anywhere in the world. Those qualities seep into visual design.

How do we start a branding project?

We love using a mood board exercise to start a branding project. What are the words, ideas, objects, and even colors that define you? Is your brand rugged and earthy like a Catskills mountaintop, or laid back like a California sunset? The result is a style guide that can inform design decisions ranging from how you’ll decorate your space to what kinds of photos you should post on Instagram.

What kinds of branding deliverables can we create?

Our approach to branding means we can deliver things like:

  • Logos
  • Style guide
  • Signage design
  • Business cards
  • Tagline
  • Brand voice

How do we get started?