New York’s Top 37 Breweries and Beer Influencers on Instagram

There’s no end in sight for the popularity of craft brewing. Two thirds of Americans have an average of four alcoholic drinks a week. Instead of buying mass-produced beer, more and more people are flocking to the world of craft brewing, trying to taste authenticity, community and craftsmanship for a couple of dollars more than Bud Light.

Authenticity, community and craftsmanship are three qualities of our Hudson Valley branding and graphic design client, Great Life Brewing, which is a brewery operation that’s been run by Patrick Clancy in Kingston, NY for the last two years. They’ve been brewing beer in an old warehouse in Midtown Kingston and selling it to local restaurants and distributors. This winter, they’re taking things to the next level; their brewing operation is also opening as a tap room, where visitors can sample their award-winning creations:

  • Classic Milk Stout
  • Classic Witbier
  • Classic Cream Ale
  • Classic IPA
  • Juicy Joy IPA (coming soon)

Now that they’re getting fancy, we worked with them on a brand refresh:

To check out their beer in person, visit their tap room at 75 Clarendon Ave in Kingston, NY between 5 to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 1 to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

If you’re a beer tourist looking to check out the Hudson Valley scene, there are a lot of other places to stop on your trip; Keegan Ales is a few blocks away, while From the Ground Brewery in Red Hook, Hyde Park Brewing Company in Hyde Park, Arrowood Farms in Accord, Sloop Brewing Company in Elizaville, Suarez Family Brewery in Hudson, Mill House Brewing Company, Plan Bee Farm Brewery and Blue Collar Brewery in Poughkeepsie, Yard Owl Brewery in Gardiner, and Newburgh Brewing Company are all within a 30 mile radius.

To celebrate New York State’s latest brewery/tap room, we decided to figure out which other tap rooms are the most popular on Instagram. We looked up social media geotag data from hundreds of New York breweries and figured out which locations are driving the most activity on the ‘gram in the last year (excluding posts by the businesses or owners themselves). Below that, we also highlighted some beer influencers who’ve been making the rounds at New York breweries in the last year. Onto the list!

1. Brooklyn Brewery


Photo by vinchenzzo_9

In 1984, former Middle East Correspondent for the Associated Press, Steve Hindy, started brewing his own beer at home. Now, he and his neighbor, Tom Potter, dominate the beer brewing industry with Brooklyn Brewery. They now produce 14 perennial beers, 7 seasonal beers, and nearly 40 beers brewed in small, experimental batches. Their location was geo-tagged 3,414 times in the last year.

2. Other Half Brewing Company


Photo by branjohn09

Sam Richardson, Matt Monahan, and Andrew Burman believe that local breweries play a significant role in communities. That’s why, in 2014, they founded Other Half Brewing Company, “to represent the ‘Other Half’ of the brewing industry.” They’ve produced a myriad of different style beers (which take up 22 pages on their website), all with gorgeous, psychedelic artwork. They were geo-tagged 3137 times in the last year.

3. Brewery Ommegang


Photo by beliveau_legal

“Everything for a reason,” is the mantra of Brewery Ommegang. Creating a wide variety of brews, the goal of Brewery Ommegang is to meticulously use each piece of nature involved in the process with purpose. They’ve won a number of awards for their beers, including their Witte and Rare Vos, and have received lots of attention for their noble Game of Thrones style beers. They were geo-tagged 2,750 times in the last year, split across their brewery and outdoor concert venue/camping ground.

4. Threes Brewing


Photo by mikenaclerio

In a time where breweries are striving to be different and quirky, Three’s Brewing first and foremost strives to be good. Having produced 35 different brews to date, there is something for everyone at Three’s. At the brewery they also have a fully stocked liquor bar, and two of their draught lines are always reserved for cider, if beer isn’t your thing. They were geo-tagged 1909 times in the last year.

5. Pearl Street Grill & Brewery


Photo by ammcharr

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery was founded in 1997 in downtown Buffalo, NY. Two decades later, the brewery offers a number of year-round and seasonal beers in a wide range of styles. If you don’t go for the beers, at least drop by for the gorgeous Lake Erie sunsets on a New Orleans-style wrap-around patio. They were geotagged 1893 times in the last year.

6. Montauk Brewing Company


Photo by marksmimmo

Bearing the motto, “Come As You Are,” the founders of Montauk Brewing Co. have made great success embodying the spirit of their town with none other than great beer. With seven beers emanating different styles and unique flavors, Montauk Brewing Co. beverages give the feeling of home no matter where you’re from. Catch them at fun events or stop by their tasting room! They were geo-tagged 1341 times in the last year.

7. Greenpoint Beer & Ale Company


Photo by joshmbernstein

Brewing on a small-batch, five-barrel system, Greenpoint Beer & Ale Company pays homage to European brewing traditions while incorporating the spirit of US brewing. They’ve produced 8 beers now, all with fun, vivid artwork that make you excited to drink them. They were geotagged 1320 times in the last year.

8. Greenport Harbor Brewing Company


Photo by themarketry

John and Rich began brewing their own beer after discovering how good (and how bad) beer can be. Today Greenpoint Harbor Brewing Company has two locations and 11 different beers. Stop by one of their two locations at the very tip of Long Island for great beer, food, and events. They were geo-tagged 1295 times in the last year.

9. Ithaca Beer Company


Photo by fox.curt

Ithaca Beer Company truly is “The Spirit of the Finger Lakes.” Founded in 1998, Ithaca Beer Company now has a wide range of year-round beers, like the popular Flower Power IPA. Now, drinkers can also enjoy five barrel beers and a number of seasonal brews or “random acts”, as well! They were geotagged 1290 times in the last year.

10. Bronx Brewery


Photo by thebronxbrewery

In 2011, Damien and Chris set out to revive the Bronx Brewing scene, having been desolate since the 1960s. With 6 year-round beers, 4 seasonal beers, 6 B-track brews, and 2 barrel reserves, Bronx Brewery has certainly accomplished what they set out to do, and more. They were geotagged 1267 times in the last year.

11. Thin Man Brewery


Photo by jonbrand10

Thin Man Brewery, named after the precursor to the modern crash test dummy, strives to embody the spirit of invention and ingenuity in Western New York. With 12 beers ranging from classic IPA to sour ale, there’s something at this Buffalo brewery for everyone. They were geotagged 1173 times in the last year.

12. LIC Beer Project

Long Island City

Photo by texasgirlinnyc

Requesting drinkers to “join the odyssey,” the LIC Beer Project is out to find the great beer that has yet to be discovered. Stop by their taproom in Long Island City to embark on this noble quest, while enjoying great food, beer, and events. They were geotagged 1153 times in the last year.

13. Resurgence Brewing Company


Photo by bestofcraftbeerawards

Resurgence Brewing Company strives to be the marriage of creativity and quality. Working hard and late, they have now created 6 year-round brews and over 60 seasonal, experimental beers. Book an official tour to get the full picture of their brewing process, or just stop by for cool events, good food, and naturally, the beer. They were geotagged 1109 times in the last year.

14. Three Heads Brewing


Photo by tommclay

Three Heads Brewing began in the early 2000s upon the realization that no one in Rochester was brewing beer with the same quality that the West Coast was creating. With a wide variety of unique beers, all featuring trippy, Cali-inspired artwork, Dan, Bruce, and Casey, have filled the void in the Rochester brewing industry. They were geotagged 1073 times in the last year.

15. Newburgh Brewing Company


Photo by newburghbrewing

Honoring natural ingredients as much as the history of Newburgh, NY, Newburgh Brewing Company strives to create a fun, fresh taste that all drinkers will enjoy. They now produce 6 year-round brews, 4 seasonals, and 3 specialities. In their historic brick tasting room, you can sense the history, taste the freshness, enjoy exciting events, and maybe even get to see the brewery’s adorable cat, Hoodie! They were geotagged 1028 times in the last year.

16. Brown’s Brewing Company


Photo by leemaccrea

Brown’s Brewing Company opened in 1993 as the first craft brewpub in the Capital Region. Since then, they’ve gone through a number of changes, but maintained their goal of creating delicious craft beer. Brown’s Brewing Company now boasts 3 year-round brews, 4 seasonal varieties, 4 “Revolution Series” beers, and an astounding number of small-batch one-offs and sour series. They were geotagged 1026 times in the last year.

17. Finback Brewery


Photo by finbackbrewery

Finback Brewery was founded in 2011 to fulfill a passion for brewing beer with quality ingredients and a thirst (pun intended) for complexity. They have produced nearly 50 different brews since then, and continue to experiment and create new seasonal and specialty beers. Check out their Community Supported Beer Program (CSB) to get great deals on growler fills, cans, or bottles, plus some cool swag and first pick on new releases! They were geotagged 1008 times in the last year.

18. Kings County Brewers Collective


Photo by brew_york

Founded by 3 alumni of Brooklyn Brewery, Rockaway Brewing, and Greenpoint Beer Works, Kings County Brewers Collective boasts the beer expertise and excitement of passionate brewing. They pour a dozen different beers in their taproom, from classic IPAs to fruity sours. They were geotagged 958 times in the last year.

19. Hudson Valley Brewery


Photo by openmikehollis

Known locally for their tantalizing can releases, Hudson Valley Brewing excites drinkers with the beautiful and minimalistic design and taste of their beers. Their Beacon taphouse pours a number of their brews, and their 32 oz. growlers are in very high demand. Bringing sophistication and excitement to the Hudson Valley brewing industry has never tasted so good. They were geotagged 901 times.

20. Grist Iron Brewing Company


Photo by eastylivin

Grist Iron Brewing Company and The Inn at Grist Iron offer a wide variety of amenities to drinkers, foodies, and travelers alike. Located overlooking Seneca Lake, the Inn has multiple rustic options for staying, 10 different craft brews on tap, and an accommodating pub-style menu. Stop by for fun events like Pint and Paint Nights or Harvest Cheesefest! They were geotagged 790 times.

21. Peekskill Brewery


Photo by unique_eats_ny

Founded in 2008, this industrial-style taphouse is the perfect little haven in the town of Peekskill, NY. Known for their tasty chicken wings and 13 draught beers, Peekskill Brewery’s full menu leaves nothing to be desired. Sit outside for a view of the Hudson River, sit at the bar enjoying a conversation with knowledgeable brewers, or get fancy in the upstairs restaurant seating. They were geotagged 751 times.

22. Brick House Brewery & Restaurant


Photo by ejatx2

Built around 1850, the Brick House Brewery building is the oldest commercial building in Patchogue, NY history. This history inspires the brewers at Brick House Brewery to create a rotating seasonal tap selection that pays homage to their town. Consistently featuring Long Island artists and other local artisans, Brick House Brewing creates a down-home feel for drinkers of all kinds. They were geotagged 730 times.

23. Mill House Brewing Company


Photo by chris_teee_na

“If we start a fire, we let it burn. Hopefully we end up with something brilliant,” says Jamie Bishop, brewmaster at Mill House Brewing Company. That’s the style they strive for; in the first 3 years at MHBC, they brewed over 35 different beers, never abandoning their drive and excitement. Now, they maintain an 8,000 sq. ft. brewing facility, produce 6 year-round beers, and have become a major player in the Hudson Valley brewing game. They were geotagged 724 times.

24. Yonkers Brewing


Photo by yonkersbrewing

A history of wine-making resulted in John Rubbo’s and Nick Califano’s flagship beer, Yonkers Vienna Lager. This was the beginning of Yonkers Brewing. The team at Yonkers Brewing is committed to community involvement as well as, naturally, great beer. Their taproom serves 11 different craft brews and one tap reserved for guest beers and ciders. Stop by for brunch, dinner, cocktails, events, and, of course, Yonkers Brewing craft beer. They were geotagged 687 times.

NY Beer Influencers

25. Hoppy Dudes

Hoppy Dudes is an awesome beer influencer to follow if you want to learn about all things beer all over the place. They conduct awesome contests and giveaways, and they give excellent insights on the best breweries to try. Above, you can see Hoppy Dudes sampling the rainbow that is a Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. beer flight. Pretty and tasty.

26. Fizzy Lizzy

This Long Island native and craft beer enthusiast will provide all the insights beer lovers are looking for. Frequenting beach views and sampling beer and craft beer, Fizzy Lizzy tries all kinds of brews and lets all her followers in on exclusive beer news. Here, she shows off the spooky artwork of Barrier Brewing Company’s “RipRap” Baltic Porter, but not without a shout out to another group of beer enthusiasts over at Riverhead Beverage.

27. Here With Beer

If you’re interested in great views and great brews, Amy from Here With Beer is the one to follow. Above, you can see exactly that as Amy showcases Half Moon Bay Brewing Company’s Not for Sale Ale and a gorgeous fire lit patio. Check back to her Instagram to find out what her favorite beer is this week!

28 & 29. Dogs on Tap/The Brewery Pup

Dogs AND beer?? The Dogs on Tap Instagram phrases it perfectly: “…because dogs and beer were made to be photographed together,” proof of which exists in the above photo. Here, Dogs on Top features Ollie the English Springer Spaniel, better known as The Brewery Pup, and a gorgeous looking flight from Port Jeff Brewing Company. Follow The Brewery Pup to see more shots of Ollie with great beer or check out Dogs on Tap’s website to see dog-friendly breweries, tips on dog brewery behavior, and fun recipes!

30. Beer Bitty

Beer Bitty is a unique voice in the world of beer. If you want not only great beer and pairing recommendations, but also the adventure and story to go along with them, Heather Lewis is someone you should follow. As you can see from her delightful monologue about the knitting ladies from Finback Brewery, and the aesthetically pleasing shot of Finback’s dark and light (not to mention scrumptious-looking) beers, Beer Bitty will never cease to disappoint. She also has a unique perspective as Brooklyn Brewery’s Operations Manager.

31. Have a Cold One

The Have a Cold One Instagram professes the truth: “BEER IS THE FATHER OF CIVILIZATION”. Striving to share a cold one with the world, this Instagram pairs breathtaking views from across the globe with mouthwatering beer recommendations. Another fan of Finback Brewery, this shot features the Machine Brux Pale Ale in Finback’s sleek, branded glass. The ???? emoji says it all.

32. Craft Beer Deer

Beer lovers everywhere need to follow Craft Beer Deer if only for the visual attraction of every single photo. Julie, a Buffalo, NY native, provides elegant shots of unique craft beers guaranteed to impress and excite. This photo from Community Beer Works in Julie’s hometown pairs a focused, crisp shot with a bright, fresh beer.

33. Beer Advocate

The pros at Beer Advocate are the ultimate beer enthusiasts – they publish BeerAdvocate magazine and host world-class beer events. They offer top-notch beer recommendations as well as behind-the-scenes looks into the world of beer making with brewers from around the world. And yet, they take the time to come home and visit Brooklyn Brewing. This great shot displays the timeless quotation we all subscribe to: “Beer has dispelled the illness which was in me.”

34. Lorenzo the Beer Cat

Lorenzo the Beer Cat features a beautifully mustached long-haired cat showcasing fun, fresh “beer hauls and porch bombs”. The above photo displays a castle of Hudson Valley Brewing Company’s new releases, “Noumena” and “Amphoria”, as well as some old favorites “Feel No Way”, “Pillow Heat”, “Plateaux”, and “Thread Count”. Such an aesthetically satisfying color scheme, admired by the fluffiest beer cat.

35. The Thirsty Blonde

The Thirsty Blonde embodies the drinker in all of us: “I only drink on two occasions…when I’m thirsty & when I’m not.” If you’re looking for an influencer to give recommendations on beers that have grown prevalent in the craft beer scene as well as breweries that are new to the game, she offers a compelling blend. Representing a collaboration between Other Half Brewing Company and Industrial Arts Brewing Company, she showcases the “Nummy Nug Nug” IPA in the above photo. A fun, creative label + a “super crushable” drink + a cat in the background = the perfect night in.

36. Crafty Beer Maven

Mik from Craft Beer Maven is all about mixing great craft beers with the fun and adventure of meeting people. Although she is a North California native, she traveled to the east coast in the above photo to visit Other Half Brewing Company. Craft Beer Maven showcases to all her followers what Other Half strives to represent: great beer that helps build a great community.

37. Beer Farts

If you’re looking for photos of Lego people enjoying beer (who isn’t?), then Beer Farts is right up your alley. Although the Instagram boasts “utter nonsense”, it combines great beer recommendations of adulthood with the fun, quirky addition of a nostalgic toy. The Lego person in the above photo mirrors the hop creature on the colorful can of Captain Lawrence Brewing Company’s “Effortless” Grapefruit Session IPA.

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