How branding can make or break your business

Branding is a fundamental building block for businesses of any size, in any field. It communicates your thoughts and ideas to the outside world, it binds you to the universe and your customers, it’s complicated and misunderstood… we sound like Yoda when we talk about it.

If your brand is strong, then you can make an impact on more people, charge more money for your products and services, and have your customers become loyal advocates for you. It makes your time and effort translate into more success, and opens doors for you. Without it, you might toil in obscurity forever.

Our job is to explore your brand, distill it into its critical elements, and shape it so you’re positioned to do well. We will enable you to look polished and consistent everywhere: your logo, place of business, signage, product packaging, menus, website, print ads and more. Here are some of the things that we can help you define:

Your mission

In the good old days, it was called the elevator speech, and you had 30 seconds to explain what your business does and why it’s important. Today, it’s down to about six seconds. We’ll sift through everything about you: your motivations, passions, background story, products and services, and distill it down to six seconds that can start a conversation with a customer.

Your logo

Have you ever heard someone say that they can’t remember names, but they do remember faces? That’s why a great logo can be so powerful; it has more staying power than a name alone. We’re well-versed in the Gestalt principles of design, meaning that our logos are timeless, readable and effective.

Your visual identity

We love using a mood board exercise to start a branding project. What are the words, ideas, objects, and even colors that define you? Is your brand rugged and earthy like a Catskills mountaintop, or laid back like a California sunset? The result is a style guide that can inform design decisions ranging from how you’ll decorate your space to what kinds of photos you should post on Instagram.

Your voice

Should your brand be sassy and skeptical? Inquisitive and curious? Nerdy and helpful (kinda like us)? We’ll help set a consistent tone for your communications that range from your website, print materials, press outreach and social media.


Your audience

Who is your brand going to engage with? What other brands do they already like, and what are the common characteristics that we can learn about? We’ll help you map out who your target audience is, and use that to inform your branding strategy.

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The story of the new West Coast joint in Uptown Kingston. See our thought process for logo design, signage, menus and a tagline.
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