How our marketing cuts through the clutter

Marketing today isn’t just about being better than your competitors. You’re also up against a dozen emails, six Facebook notifications, two LinkedIn requests, eight texts, a Netflix queue, a Pandora station, a Kindle, whatever’s on TV, and the desire to have a genuine connection with another human being. Attention spans are short, time is more precious than ever, and there are almost infinite options for instant entertainment and gratification.

We make marketing campaigns that offer value and fit into people’s lives in an intuitive, effortless way. Here’s how:

We're visual communicators

A wall of text isn’t the best way to convey information. We create beautiful visuals, infographics and list articles to help get our clients’ message across in fresh and intuitive ways.

We win the news feed battle

If your content doesn’t display correctly or look interesting in the news feed, then why would anyone click it? And once they click it, it needs to load quickly on all devices and actually have valuable content. And once they read it, it needs be easy to like/comment/share for their friends to see it too.

We combine creativity with data science

Before we do anything creative, we comb through spreadsheets of search, social and demographic data to ensure our clients get the most bang for their buck. We can tell what’s worked well for similar companies in other markets, and what our clients are up against.

We mix and match many tactics and tools

We’re not a one-trick pony; our marketing campaigns can include elements of social media, content, SEO, landing pages, media relations, e-mail, and paid social and search. We’ll only recommend exactly what you need.

We create valuable content that's worth sharing

Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing people tagging their friends in and re-sharing something that we made. It’s really good if your message is so good and relatable that people are willing to spread it for you.

We help you find new fans

Engaging existing fans is low-hanging fruit; they already know you and want to cheer you on. Beyond that, we create content that can wake up new people to join your cause and support you.

We engage influencers

The local newspaper or the NY Times aren’t the only gatekeepers of publicity these days. We also identify and engage important niche leaders who match up perfectly to your objectives.

We execute on our strategies

With our experience across the entire marketing spectrum, we can hang with anyone when it comes to strategy. But once the futuristic buzzwords are done flying, we’re ready to help our clients figure out what’s actionable and affordable today and tomorrow.

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Midtown Kingston


We see Midtown Kingston as a glass half-full kind of place. We made three blog posts, an infographic and a bike map to promote the neighborhood.
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