Linemen Institute of the North East

Training the next generation of linemen

One of the best success stories of local economic development has been the Linemen Institute of the North East, an independent, Saugerties-based school that provides young people with the skills needed to start careers as utility workers.

Before the school launched, we worked with the owners to develop the assets that they needed to get started. That included a developing branding guidelines, a logo mark package that included variations, social media avatars and cover photos, and business card design. Then, we created a “minimal viable product” website that allowed them to start collecting leads and marketing their business. The site included a success story lead magnet blog post that was promoted on social media, and the development of a one-sheet PDF that was sent to potential students who filled out the contact form.

What our client had to say

We went to Kingston Creative with a new business in Saugerties for branding, creating a website and advertising. We knew nothing about how any of this was done or should be done and Kingston Creative took the minimal information we gave them about our vision and ran with it! We were extremely happy with the professionalism of their work, their attitudes and their results! We highly recommend Kingston Creative!

Donald Leiching

Linemen Institute of the North East

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