Expert Tree Service

A local family business that dates back almost eight decades, doing nothing but tree work




Since 1936, the Hughes family has been providing tree maintenance and removal expertise to the community. They’ve remained steadfast in operating as a family-owned, community-oriented business that provides a high level of safety and professionalism. In 2023, they sought to take control of their digital presence and online marketing with a new lead generation website. We built them a website that has all of the latest and greatest Google-tracked contact forms and locally-keyworded service pages, and have generated hundreds of leads using Google Adwords.

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Website Design and Development

Content Marketing

The most exciting part, however, has been the use of content marketing to drive long-term organic traffic growth. Our blog content is focused on using a combination of publicly-available data, local geography, beautiful imagery and business expertise to help drive Google rankings. Google rewards “show, don’t tell” content marketing; instead of telling, over and over, how great the business is, we show how much value we can provide by making novel content that makes municipal data about trees and invasive species interesting and fun. The blog post content has driven a 100% YoY increase in organic search clicks, a 130% increase in organic search impressions, and an improved average search position of seven places.

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