The Studio @Beacon is a new fitness studio located on Main Street in Beacon that provides a mashup of high-intensity spin classes, bruising boxing workouts and delicious smoothies.

It’s the brainchild of Laura Leigh and Samantha Abby, a couple that work as a writer and producer, respectively, who wanted to create an approachable, positive fitness space that would push people to new heights without being intimidating.


Laura Leigh and Samantha came to us about eight months before the Studio was set to open its doors. They had the concept: an inclusive, welcoming fitness studio that combined boxing, spin classes and smoothies. Now needed a partner who could help them visually shape their brand and introduce it to the world in an integrated, thoughtful way, by:

  • Creating a brand and visual identity for The Studio @Beacon
  • Designing attractive signage that was compliant with Beacon’s municipal standards
  • Building a “coming soon” landing page to start collecting sign-ups
  • Designing and building a responsive website integrated with The Studio’s e-commerce booking system


Logo and Brand Identity

The brand identity was a valuable input for The Studio’s interior design project with Hudson Design, as they were able to use the signature mint color to create lots of visual interest.

We made sure the logo and colors would look great on shirts, bikes, social media, their website, and anywhere else it could be used.

Our identity work also included iconography that represents their core offerings of Rumble, Ride and Smoothies.


We studied the architectural details of the building, the surrounding streetscape on Main Street, and Beacon’s signage code before creating a visual, 1:1 preview of how our signage would look. We collaborated with the experts at Timely Signs, who carried out our design perfectly.

Responsive Website Design and Development

After creating the brand identity, we set off to create a website that would integrate with the Mindbody booking software that the Abbys were planning on using.

After listening to their needs and studying contemporary websites, we create a sitemap, which is an outline of the hierarchy of all of the pages on the site, and a wireframe, which is a visual preview of how the site would be designed.

Bonus: Beacon’s Most-Instagrammed Places!

To support the launch of the website, we teamed up with the Abbys to put out a Beacon edition of our Most-Instagrammed Places series.