7 Reasons Why Our Websites are Insanely Valuable


They’re built to be shared

A recent study found that people spend almost an hour a day on Facebook. Your target audience spends time every day scrolling the news feed. Not only do our websites look great when they get shared, but we engineer provocative titles and images that make people want to click through and smash that share button.

They work with other marketing channels

Websites are just one of many tactics that can connect with your audience. We make sure that users can choose the channel they’re most comfortable in, whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, asking to be contacted via phone, following you on Instagram or liking your Facebook page. We also have lots of great multi-channel ideas for getting better traffic to your site.


They load quickly

In today’s world of instant gratification, are people going to wait 30 seconds for your website to load, or for some error message to clear? Or are they going to go back to scrolling Facebook? Your website will be penalized in search results and news feeds for loading slowly, so we have lots of tricks to keep that from happening.

They look nice

We’re visual people, and sometimes an image or infographic is worth a thousand words. If the situation calls for it, we’ll make beautiful graphics and illustrations that can get the message across.

They have content made for people, not for Google

When we, Hudson Valley website designers who make Hudson Valley websites for marketing in Kingston NY… sorry, had a flashback to 2007 there. Your website’s content needs to provide real value to human beings, not to a search algorithm. We prescribe to Rand Fishkin’s ideal of trying to make content that is ten times better than the existing content in a niche.

They help clients speak millennial

Millennials are now the largest generation and are the most open-minded about trying new, authentic things. Many existing businesses just need a fresh coat of digital paint to help them compete with their hipper counterparts.

They create new value with what you already have

We’re not conjurers; we just have a great eye for seeing missed opportunities. By repackaging information into more digestible and shareable forms, we can turn yesterday’s snoozefest into tomorrow’s showpiece and have a much bigger impact.

Check out an example


Kingston Farmers Market


40 vendors travel an average of just 30 miles to sell their wares to thousands of people almost every Saturday. We made it easier for vendors, sponsors and new attendees to get involved.
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