It can be really challenging to make content online that people want to read and share. It has to be interesting to your target audience, unique, easy to understand, and the results should justify the time and effort spent making the content. If you’re not getting results, you need to go in a different direction, and get some help.

As a locally-focused creative and strategic marketing company, Kingston Creative celebrates anyone in our community who is making great digital content to promote what they’re doing in real life.

Here are ten of our favorite Kingston, NY content creators. Check them out and get some inspiration!

1. Amber Spiegel/Sweet Ambs

Facebook Likes: 1,200,000
Instagram Followers: 342,000
Youtube Views: 34,000,000 (that’s right, 34 MILLION)
Monthly Branded Searches for Sweet Ambs: 1,600
Most shared piece of content: Brush Embroidery – Cookie Box Tutorial = 26,000 Total shares

Random post that we like:

A Rosendale/Kingston native with a studio in Beacon, Amber makes pastry art and teaches classes on the subject, both in person, online, and at events around the globe. Based on her social media and search presence (number one globally for “cookie decorating classes”), she’s pretty damn good at it. We love the Catskill Mountains sunset cookies she posted recently.

2. Daniel Kanter/Manhattan Nest

Facebook Likes: 3,500 Twitter Followers: 3,200 Instagram Followers: 9,500 Monthly branded searches for Manhattan Nest: 6,600 Most shared piece of content: The Laundry Room is Done! = 13,000 Total Shares Random post that we like:

the light was nice today ☀️ A photo posted by Daniel Kanter (@danielkanter) on

Daniel’s DIY blog documents what he describes as “questionable life choices,” and is a great counterbalance to HGTV-watchers who think renovations are easy. Since 2013, he’s been working on an 1865 fixer-upper in Midtown Kingston (near where we work!), and last year, he bought a condemned house down the street to work on that too.  

3. Grace Bonney/Design Sponge

Facebook Likes: 260,000 Twitter Followers: 510,000 Instagram Followers: 500,000 Pinterest Followers: 170,000 Monthly branded searches for Design Sponge: 33,000 Most shared piece of content: DIY Project: Vintage Postcard Calendar = 757,000 shares Random post that we like:

Design Sponge is a blog that NY Times called “Martha Stewart Living for the Millenials.” Grace moved to a location near Kingston this year, and has shone a national spotlight on some of the beautifully-decorated homes and workspaces in our region. She also authored the most all-encompassing guide to Ulster County that I’ve ever seen.

4. Gerald Celente/The Trends Research Institute

Facebook Likes: 64,000 Twitter Followers: 66,000 Monthly branded searches for Gerald Celente: 12,000 Most shared piece of content: Trends Journal = 2,500 shares Random post that we like:  

Today’s Trends in the News: Donald Trump: I’m Gonna Bomb The Shit Out Of ‘Em. US industrial production fell 0.2% within… Posted by Gerald Celente on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gerald Celente is known as a predictor of trends and world events, and has a global following for his subscription-based Trends Journal. This year, he launched Occupy Peace in uptown Kingston, which was heralded by a peace rally that featured Ralph Nader.

5. Sara Eckel

Facebook Likes: 1,000 Twitter Followers: 2,000 Monthly Searches for Sara Eckel: 1,000 Most shared piece of content: Stop telling single women they’re fabulous! = 15,000 shares Random post that we like:

Sara is the author of It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single and lists her residence as in Kingston, NY. She’s a freelance content assassin; writing for sites like Huffingtonpost, Salon, eHarmony, Dame, and more, her articles on dating, romance, and feminism regularly rack up more than 2,000 shares each.

6. Cal Patch/Hodgepodge Farm

Facebook Likes: 1,700
Twitter Followers: 1,800
Instagram Followers: 4,600
Etsy Admirers: 2,100 Monthly Searches for Cal Patch: 170
Most shared piece of content: may embroidery = 2,500 shares

Random post that we like:

We’re starting to stretch a little here: Cal bills herself as from Accord, NY, but she probably drives through Kingston once in a while. Cal sews, crochets, spins, dyes, embroiders, knits, and drafts patterns, which results in her selling things on her Etsy Shop and in person at different maker shows, teaching online classes on sites like Creativebug, and traveling to different teaching events.

7. Kelli Galloway/Hops Petunia

Instagram Followers: 29,000

Random post that we like:

The owner of a downtown Kingston flower shop, Kelli is also an art director and floral artist who plays on a national stage. The photo above is from Flower House, where an abandoned Detroit duplex was purchased for $250 was transformed into a massive floral art installation for three days, before being demolished. Kelli’s work is admired from far and wide on Instagram.

8. Wishbone Letterpress

Facebook Fans: 785
Twitter Followers: 400
Instagram Followers: 4,100
Etsy Admirers: 1,080
Most shared piece of content: 10 Second Studio Tour (Design Sponge) = 1,700 shares

Random piece of content that we like:

Wishbone Letterpress was located in the Shirt Factory until recently and is a Kingston-area staple for well-designed paper goods that are made using analog printing tools. They appear at local events like the Hudson Valley Hullabaloo (Addendum: They also CREATED the Hullabaloo) but will also be at the National Stationery Show in New York City.

9. BSP Kingston

Facebook Likes: 4,600
Twitter Followers: 1,400
Instagram Followers: 2,700
Monthly branded searches for “BSP Kingston”: 800
Most shared piece of content: Cibo Matto Announce Hotel Valentine (Pitchfork) = 15,000 shares

Random post that we like:

Costume contest at midnight! #chronoween #sinkhole A photo posted by BSP Kingston (@bspkingston) on

BSP Kingston is known locally for being a great music venue almost every night of the week, but it also caters to niche audiences that travel great distances to see bands. Acts like Cibo Matto, CocoRosie, Laura Stevenson, DIIV, and Shellshag stop in to play packed shows en route to Boston or New York. As a result, tour announcements listing BSP Kingston get shared thousands and thousands of times.

10. Sean Andrew Murray

Facebook Fans: 5,800
Instagram Followers: 2,800
Twitter Followers: 4,200
Monthly branded searches for “Sean Andrew Murray” = 110
Etsy Admirers: 660
Most shared piece of content: How to draw a portrait from different angles (Creative Bloq) = 1,800 shares

Random post that we like:

Sean is a freelance illustrator and concept artist who has contributed to video games like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and the online Dungeons & Dragons and Lord of the Rings games. Since then, he’s collaborated with Guillermo Del Toro on a novel and also raised over $25,000 on Kickstarter for Gateway: The Book of Wizards, where he creates and illustrates an entire fantasy world.

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